“Solid wood planks provide a natural living feeling, add warmth to the room and bring a piece of the beautiful outdoors into your home.”

Our solid manufactured planks made from the native oak provide a natural living feeling and add warmth to the room. Choose between a natural image or feel a piece of the raw nature.

With a lot of calm and without stress – our planks are slowly dried in the fresh air for several months. Afterwards, the wood is gently and carefully brought to a minimum residual moisture in the drying chamber – this makes our floors stable and reduces the tensions in the wood. Our planks show natural wood structures and remain untreated. If desired, we can refine your plank floor with biological oils.

The connection to nature and the striving for an ecologically fair use of our resources form the way we work. Our planks are produced in falling lengths and only strong cracks and major knot failures are sorted out. Through this gentle selection, the floor retains its natural appearance and the wood is put to ideal use.

structure & laying


Wide 88 inch
Length 433 – 1181 inch
Height 8,6 inch


The installation of the planks can vary. Bearing timbers are used to fix the planks to ceiling joists. These are insulated from the beam construction by an insulation strip, which in turn provides better impact sound insulation. For fastening, the planks are connected diagonally through the tongue with screws in the bearing timbers. This principle can also be used to lay the planks with bearing timbers on a solid ceiling such as concrete. A second variant is to glue the solid planks to screed. This also makes it possible to combine a solid wood floor with underfloor heating.



A natural drawing with a lively structure. The grown branches are closed and create an authentic expression.


The untouched character. The knots and small cracks are open. They lend the floor a special feel in places and give it a special charm.

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Our wood is obtained in a very sustainable way and is only air-dried for several months. For this reason, order times of 3 to 6 months result.