Design Board “Cello”

Cello literally invites you to dance. The wood grain of the oak parquet flows in all directions, creating a reflection on every side. Discreet veins of maple underline the square panel design.

Board parquet_Cello

elegant & progressive

Our board picture “Cello” is made of twenty individual pieces. These combine to form an expressive and charming parquet. The 3 mm fine veins of maple wood evoke a unique grace in the entire panel picture. Your room takes on an impressive sound from the magic of nature.

board construction & installation

The parquet consists of a 4 mm wear layer and a 12 mm carrier board. The carrier is a multi-layered birch board. This makes the parquet board almost stress-free and ensures very high dimensional stability. The individual boards are circumferentially grooved and assembled with a foreign tongue during installation.

The individual boards are to be glued over the entire surface. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the subfloor is completely even. In addition, the moisture content limit of the individual subfloors, such as concrete (85 % RF), floors made of anhydrite (65 % RF) or wood-based boards (8-10 % RF) must not be exceeded. After installation, small joints and hairline cracks are closed with a wood-adhesive mixture and the parquet is sanded. This creates a very homogeneous floor. The surface is then finished with a natural oil or ecological lacquer.

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